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Sometimes the Little Things Make All the Difference

The scary outdoors of winter can kill motivation

It’s funny isn’t it?

In spite of all the admiration you receive for your dedication, discipline and commitment to training and racing in the summer, and despite your pride for living an active lifestyle, it can still be challenging to maintain day-to-day motivation in the winter.

It can also be confusing when you don’t feel like your normal self – on the inside you feel like you lack drive or you can’t find your mojo to get up and go.

So here are 12 excuse busters to nudge you, push you or inspire you to stay moving and stay motivated over the next few months.

Excuse: “It’s too hard to get out of bed on cold, dark mornings.
It’s true that temperature and light have direct impact on our body rhythms in the winter extremes. But there are simple things you an do so you don’t succumb to the situation. Continue reading