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Triathlon Coaching Teleseminar #3 With Coaches Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan!

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-In this triathlon coaching teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, triathlon coaches Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan answer listener questions AND also include their top 10 tips on staying healthy, as well as a BONUS tip at the end of the audio!

Susan R. – Ocean Springs, Mississippi – Since strong resistant knees require solid supportive muscles…….please share exact & precise drills/sets which could strengthen already ‘old & weakened’ knees…I’d love to run, again!…..or should I just walk, walk, walk, walk…..Thanks

Mike – how the hell do you take your bike overseas without a)getting the bike bent into scrap metal ~ which cases do you like / recommend? b) avoid being hit with a massive fee at every check in counter!!!?

Bob Farrell – Berwick Maine – I will be working on my swimming and endurance the first 3 1/2 months of 2010. What are good workouts to do for endurance?

Cindee – Oakville, Canada – I’m a 48yr old Mom of 3 (15yr,13yr,11yr) who volunteer at races. I work full time for an airline and have done 3 1/2IM’s amongst many shorter races. I live an incredbly busy life. I want to try my 1st IM in 2010. I have a Hip Flexor problem. any suggestions on a fix?

Carol – University Place, WA – In the run portion of the race, what do recommend focusing on in the way of form and pacing for an Olympic distance triathlon versus a Sprint distance triathlon?triathlon?

Alex Moher – Kitchener – leading up to a race, what kind of workouts should I be doing about a week before? would you recommend I take the day off before a race? I also heard that pros in the ironman don’t run too much at all days/weeks before a big race, instead just do swims and bikes here and there. And lastly, is there a difference between older and younger triathletes when it comes to “tapering”?

Patricia Ann Topper – Mount Holly – How can you successfully train for a sprint triathlon and an olympic distance triathlon which follows it in 3 1/2 wks time? I know how to train for each one individually, but am unsure how to combine the two for success in both. Thanks.

Rae Trew-Browne – Port Elizabeth, South Africa – With regards to the swim leg in a Olympic Tri is it better to focus on speed work or longer distance endurance building sessions? At the moment I’m using 3 x 2k speed skill focused swims in a week, will this productive?

Rae Trew-Browne – Port Elizabeth, South Africa – Hi there, I am a non-pro triathlete trying to specialise in the Olympic Distance triathlon, the run is unfortunately my weakest leg, I am hoping to qualify for World Champs so will need around a 2h05 to make the SA team. So here’s my question: How far and how frequent do I need to be running in a week to be able to clock around 32 – 35 minutes for the 10k’s in a race. During training I’m clocking a 39 min 10k after a 40k brick ride but in a race situation I’m posting around 42 – 45 minutes which is costing me dearly. At the moment I’m averaging 40k’s a week @ 4 runs (2 X 10k, 1 x 8k, 1 x 12k). I’ve only been doing tri for a year so I know it will come with time and endurance but I am just needing to know if I am on the right track, oh I’m 25 years old! Thanks a ton!

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