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Live Workshop: Cycling: How To Approach Hills – Now Available For Download.

Hills can be daunting to anyone…

…but if you know how to prepare for them and what techniques to use to climb them you can become a mountain ram.

Ben & Kerry will talking about how you can develop the skills and motor to climb at your best. Being strong on hills can be an excellent advantage when racing and can provide a great way for you to drop the competition.

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“How To Choose A Power Meter” Workshop Now Available For Download

Power meters are vital if you want to take your cycling and overall triathlon performance to the next level. Choosing which power meter is right for you is also important as it can be an expensive investment.

Ben & Kerry will be telling you all you need to know about choosing the right power meter for you.

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Power Training Basics and Terminology

Before we get into how to use a power meter, let?s talk about how to establish a baseline Functional Threshold Power (FTP).

Establishing an FTP:

According to the ?Racing and Training with Power? by Coggan and Allen, a 20 minute all out time trial would determine FTP. From the 20 minute test you multiply your FTP by 95%. For example, if you ride an all out 20 minute time trial and end up averaging 300 watts, taking 95% of that would give you an FTP of 285 watts. Personally, I think a 30 (THIRTY) minute time trial multiplied times 95% would give you a more accurate measure of FTP.
Another option for establishing your FTP would be to ride a 40k Time Trial. Riding this 40k solo would be tough, but in an organized event chasing and being chased by other riders would give you the motivation to generate a true FTP.

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How To Ride Your Triathlon Bike

In this video, Ben Greenfield shows you exactly how to ride your triathlon bike, including aero position techniques, pedaling skills, climbing strategies, positioning, fit and more!

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