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How To Plan Your Race Season

In this video, Ben Greenfield walks you through how to get a good idea of how the overview of your season should look by showing you exactly how he maps out his personal 2011 race season with a simple Word document and calendar. Continue reading

Can You Make 2012 Your Best Triathlon Season Ever? (Video 1 of 8)

Does does big ambition and strong motivation usually translate to success?

It certainly doesn’t all the time, and for some triathletes, it can be a confusing and frustrating experience to see your hard work not produce the complete results you want.

Great seasons don’t just happen. They are planned smartly and executed flawlessly. How can you increase your chances of making 2012 a remarkable year?

Follow this video series over the next 8 weeks as I break down how you can set up your season with more thought than you may have in the past. Here’s the first video to get you going: Continue reading