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What You Need To Know About How To Run

In this video, Kerry Sullivan shows you exactly what you need to know about running fast and efficiently.

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Q&A Call With Ben & Kerry “How To Run Properly” Now Available for Download

In this call, Ben & Kerry talk about how to run properly, including:

1) body position
2) foot strike
3) leg mechanics (foot pulling up under hips, high heel etc)
4) arm swing
5) cadence

Most people don’t realize how much is technique is involved with running. Knowing how to use your body’s natural biomechanics and gravity to your advantage will make you efficient, which helps in assisting you to be faster and staying injury free.

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Getting Back Into Running

Let us assume you have taken 2 months off from running. In this article we will make an assumption that you are new to the sport and have ended your season on a good note and without injury. You simply took time off because you needed to and are now ready to get rolling again.

The first week back finds you excited to get back into things, motivated by goals and a new racing schedule. You know you need to work your way gradually back into the run to avoid injury by not over doing it. One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to create a plan that includes detailed structure on how to proceed with our running.

Let us assume you have taken 2 months off from running. In this article we will make an assumption that you are new to the sport and have ended your season on a good note and without injury. You simply took time off because you needed to and are now ready to get rolling again.

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How To Really Strike Your Foot When Running

There is often a lot of confusion on how one should strike on the front of the foot when running. This video explains the ins and out of correct foot strike.

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What is Good Running Technique?

To stake my ground, I believe that it is not which part of the foot striking the ground first that is consequential to an efficient stride but rather where in relation to the hip the foot strikes that makes the biggest difference. This is nothing new; the momentum-killing, braking forces that result from a foot strike in front of the hip is well documented and my runners have experienced marked improvement by learning to shift their strike-point rearward, from in front of their hip to directly underneath it.

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Triathon Teleseminar with Chi Running Expert Danny Dryer

At the bottom of this post, you can download the audio file to listen to at your computer OR while you swim, bike or run!

dannydryer-In this triathlon training teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, triathlon chi running expert Danny Dryer addresses listener questions, including:

Andrew – Seattle   How do you lengthen your stride if you already are only keeping your feet under your hips and extending your stride as far back as possible? It doesn’t seem possible if you can only put your feet as far forward as your hips.

Wendy – San Francisco   Are you familiar with the Pose Method of running? If yes, what is the difference between the Chi Running method and Romanov’s Pose method?

Johnny I – Clinton, NY   What is your take on barefoot running? I’m inclined to gradually and carefully incorporate some barefoot running into my training program to enhance strength, flexibilty, and especially form. Is barefoot running compatible with chi running technique?  Jonas – Madison   Can you explain the Chi Running technique in more detail?

Robert – Spokane   In referring to earlier on, how much bounce is too much bounce quantitatively?

Brian –   Can you explain proper hip position, relative to the forward lean when you run?

Christy – Mount Airy   I competed in three 70.3 last year. During the events I was averaging about a 7:15ish pace. During my training I would always do my long runs around 7:30 with speedwork in the mid 6’s. This year I’d like to be sub 7 on my run pace during the 70.3. What do you suggest for my speedwork and long run pace?

Kerstin – San Francisco   Hi Danny, Chi Running has had a very positive impact on my running efficiency and I have been injury-free except for two stress fractures (hip and sacrum). Do you have any advice how to adapt training for the half-marathon / marathon distance aiming to get faster but avoiding future stress fractures? (as background: I have genetically lower bone density like many women of Northern European origin without any hormonal or bone turn-over issues). Thank you!

Deb – Canada   Hi Danny – just wanted to say that Chi Running has changed running for me forever. After years of injuries, I got fed up and learned your method. It took time, but persistence paid off and my running feels easier – and more effortless than ever. I still have to psych myself up to get out there and run because I come from a swimming background – do you have any magical words, tricks, mantras, etc. that may help me overcome the mental block I still struggle with? I thought that the easier feeling would do it but I still battle with the run every time I go out. Thanks again for making it so much easier for me though!

Susan – ocean springs, ms   Knees hurt when I run…..what can I do?

Adam Beston – Missoula   I really like the Chi style of running except for the part about not using the calves to push off in regards to triathlon. After a bike in a very forward bike position my calves are very fresh compared to my hip flexors and quads so I use my calves extensively during the run. Is there a good way to incorporate this into Chi running? I also run with a jogging stroller a lot so I also use my calves a lot bc I don’t get full strides. Thanks

Albert Hasse – Pennsylvania   Do you have some basic recommendations for preparing and training for a shorter distance race, like a sprint?

Slow Sally – Massachusetts   I Have a chi runing video, took a great run class with Vince Vaccaro. I am a 5k runner sub 18 minutes and triing to get to sub 17 minutes. Was wondering your opinion on driving the knee foreward, putting some “power” behind running and getting some “float” to get a longer stride

Bob –   I’m planning on starting traithlon training on February 1st. What are good workout to do for my “Preparation” period?

Bob –   My first triathlon will be in June. My second triathlon will be in September. Both are Sprints. How should I train between the two tri’s to stay in shape?

Veronica Geist – St Petersburg, FL   Hey Guys, It seems as though more times than not, I get a “side stitch” on my left side when running. How do I prevent this from happening?

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