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Pumping Iron and The Benefits For Triathletes

The topic of strength training in endurance sports is always a controversial one, with some coaches avoiding it at all costs and others praising it as the key to success. Over the past few years strength training has really started to make a big comeback; almost every magazine dedicated to endurance sports will have a section on strength training. Articles in this section always relay the same message: functional exercises are the only type of strength work that will benefit endurance athletes.

Functional exercises are essentially movements that follow the movement patterns used in sport—they don’t work muscles in isolation. These typical articles predominantly look at exercises that involve the legs such as dead lifts, squats, split squats, one legged squats, and so on. Continue reading

Strength Training for the Winter

Here is a strength training routine that you all can do. It is broken down into a warm and then the main set. The reps, sets and exercises are specific to the off season


NOTE: In this video note my head position on the wood chopper. It is incorrect! keep head up in a neutral position as though you are walking

1) 1 minute of jumping jacks

2) 20 X stager stance wood choopers in all positions and angles in short range of motion as fast as you can

Stagger Stance Wood Choppers (right leg in front, then left leg in front) as fast as you can side to side. Then do wood choppers from opposite hip to opposite shoulder in same stager stance. Make sure you right hip to left shoulder and left hip to right shoulder with both left and right leg as lead leg.

3) 1 minute of jumping jacks

4) 20 X stager stance wood choopers in all leg positions and angles as above BUT in WIDER RANGE OF MOTION then first set. Do as fast as you can


1) 40X Alternating lunges with a twist. You can do this with bar on back or medicine ball. Be sure to twist into lead leg you lunge with.

2) 20X Crab walk push ups. You can make the crab walk as long as you want

3) 40X Alternating side lunges (20 on each leg) with a reach to the toe. Load with dumb bells or bar on back. Only reach to toe if you have dumb bells.

4) 40X Planks with Alternating pull (20 pulls on each arm)

The main set is done as circut, with no rest between reps or circuts. The weight should be light as reps are high this in the first phase of breaking you in to a strength training program. As you get closer to race day reps, weight, frequency and tempo will change.

If yo are looking to amp it up even more through in 30 secs of jumping jacks or blurpees. ENJOY & ROCK ON!

Push Ups Rock…

Push ups are one of my favorite exercises because you can do them any where and they incorporate whole body strength and coordination.  Here are some great variations you can use in your own strength training.

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3 Exercises That Build Massive Strength For Triathlon

These 3 exercises allow you to build massive overall body strength and get a decent cardio workout too.  The great thing about these 3 exercises is you can do them anywhere.  Enjoy!

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