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Triathlon Coaching Teleseminar #4 With Coaches Ben Greenfield & Kerry Sullivan!

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-In this triathlon tips teleseminar from the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, triathlon coaches Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan answer listener questions AND also include a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the audio!

Aaron – Kingwood –  I am very lean and in good shape, but I feel like my skin is sort of loose. My nutritionist mentioned that increasing my healthy fat intake (I have pretty low body fat) might help this. Do you know anything about this?

Mark – Adelaide, AUS –  When is the best time to take a daily multi-vitamin e.g. immediately post-workout with a 4:1 carb:protein recovery drink?

Kim – Toronto –  I had to stop doing races as I was not nervous for any races but I would lay in bed awake the night before no matter almost every time. I have heard this is common.

Ryan – Lethbridge –  My first race of the year is a half iron man followed by an olympic four weeks later. What should my last few weeks of my half ironman training and the four training weeks in between look like to optimize performance in both races?

Bob P – Valparaiso Indiana –  Weight Loss — I need to drop my LAST 20 lbs — but I need to get ready for my Primary race in the end of Aug. What’s the BEST way to ensure PROPER nutrition to allow maximum training (IAW a plan) — yet lose weight –

Bill – Charlotte –  When I try to swim faster, I tend to loose form and my stroke count goes way up. How can I avoid it?

Bob P – Valparaiso Indiana –  Thank you for this opportunity! When will RockStar be available? I am wanting to use Ben Olympic Distance Plan this year! I read about it on Training Peaks

Cathy – Vancouver –  Is it a good idea for me to have my first tri as the olympic distance? I am slightly overweight, looking to lose weight but am still athletic and love training for all of the events separately, but am not sure if i can build up that endurance by middle of may (that’s when the race is) Thanks!

Chuck – Virginia Beach –  This is a longer 2-part question so I apologize in advance. What is difference between using 8-12 reps and lifting for “strength” and using 3-6 reps and lifting for “mass”? Isn’t it the overall goal to get stronger? so whats the differnece between mass and strength. Stemming from this, if 2 triathletes were on the exact same endurance and lifting programs, but one was doing resistance training with heavier weights and in a 3-6 reps range, and the other was using weights that allowed for the 8-12 reps, what would be the overall effects on their training? Would won be getting better results in terms of their triathon performance than the other? Thanks a lot guys

Alex – Indianapolis –  If my legs get heavy/fatigued on a bike trainer without my HR climbing out of zone 2/3 regularly does that indicate that i need to focus on strength more than fitness?? or is that assumption incorrect? thanks guys you rocK !!

Alex – Indianapolis –  What kind of training in terms of frequency, intensity & duration does an “age group winner” do a week for an ironman race? Are they basically pros with jobs??!

Patrick Tullock – Osaka Japan –  One more guys.What’s the best course of action when you know the “bonk” is coming on? Cheers  stan patino – port of spain; Trinidad –  a fellow athlete having run a half marathon found a lot of salt on her face, neck and shoulders. Why is this? and will it be worse in the full marathon?

Patrick Tullock – Osaka Japan –  Hi Guys,Thanks for all the info so far.Great job!!My Q is this..What is the difference between 172.5 and 175 bike cranks in performance? I’ve always ridden with 172.5 but recently rode my friends bike which has 175.5..We are the same height at 180 but he has longer legs.I’ve only had chance to use his bike once and noticed quite a difference but won’t have chance to test ride it in all conditions and terrain.look forward to the answer.Cheers

Brian Zobel – Haddonfield, New Jersey –  Ben, Saw your article “Six Key Biological Performance Factors” in Triathlete magazine. On you discussion of Ph levels you talk about an important mineral to balnace things being magnesium. What levels should an active training triathlete be looking for or taking in daily? Second part of the question can you speak more on magnesium and sleep levels?

Scotty – San Clemente –  I have very poor range of motion in my left shoulder and almost always sink when I breathe on that side. Breathing on the right side feels great. If I train on one side only will i get lopsided?

Scotty – San Clemente –  I get 8 hours sleep, great nutrition content (timing might be wrong), ice, and try not to over train but still feel just barely good enough to train each day. How can I recover better?

Odd Hansen – Oslo norway –  I haave just started with triathlon, and i have a goal to start at Norseman extreme tri. next year. I ned some advice for the swim training.

ryan brutocao – Portland, OR –  i loved your video about the ‘one workout you must do’ on the bike trainer. could you guys make a video like this for swimming? i find it difficult to get good swimming technique information on the internet, and i am a pretty visual learner. thanks a ton!

Debbie – Charlotte NC –  Is there a way to know whether or not the water you are expected to swim in on race day is actually safe and not contaminated beyond safe levels? Can we really trust race directors who have so much invested in the race that they would risk the health of all of the competitors? Shouldn’t water quality be posted so we can make our own decision on whether to race or not?

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