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The Official Rock Star “Introduce Yourself” Post!

Here’s how this post works…

If you are a member of the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, just leave a comment on this post. Tell other readers 1) which state or area you’re from; 2) why you do triathlon; and 3) which race or races are your BIG goals this year! If you have a blog or website, you can leave that too.

I’m going to go first:

My name is Ben Greenfield and I’m from Spokane, Washington. I do triathlon because I like how getting ready for an event keeps me fit, and I love the thrill of competing. My BIG races this year are Wildflower, Hawaii 70.3 and hopefully KONA! Follow my adventures at

Your turn! The first comment gets a free set of Blue Seventy Element Goggles!