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Triathlon Coach Insider Details

You can now become an expert triathlon coach with “Triathlon Coach Insider” –  a package designed by the Rock Star Triathlete Academy that is comprised of 11 audios & transcripts that delve deep into coaching strategies.

Here is exactly what you get with Triathlon Coach Insider:

Module #1:

• How to make your resume pop

• The most common mistakes people make in their first year of coaching

• In marketing a coaching business, are personal brochures effective?

• Business of triathlon coaching 101

Module #2:

•How to set up profitable triathlon camp and clinics

Module #3:

•The easy steps to create websites to sell e-books

Module #4:

•Most important trait of a triathlon coach when attempting to map out the pathway to achieving a client’s goals and the tools to be used.

• Traits and characteristics of a coach average age group athletes are attracted to

• What kind of business structure will work for a nutritional consulting business

Module #5:

• How to drive traffic to your website

• Coaching certification classes

Module #6:

• Pros and cons of starting a coaching business versus getting hired as coach by an existing business

• Emerging trends in the triathlon coaching industry

Module #7:

• What are the best ways to use subdomains

• Top 5 problems triathlon coaches face

Module #8:

• How to easily utilize blogging for your triathlon coaching business

Module #9:

• Lactate testing – how to do it and what you need

• How to blog effectively using secrets  Wordpress

Module #10:

• What’s the best source to find triathlon races

• What to wear when attending expos, clinics or seminars

• When is the best time to post or tweet

• What are the best books, magazines and websites for coaches to learn more about coaching endurance athletes

• What other forms of income can coaches look into besides just online coaching

• How do you go about implementing a video analysis for swim, bike and run

Module #11:

• Where is there a good research to learn more about racing tactically

• What are some good ways to implement mental training in one’s training program

• How or what has been the best way you got an athlete

• How much personal information of yourself do you share with your athletes

• Which workouts should constitute either hills or more power

This is bar none the most comprehensive source of information you can find when it comes to learning the “in the trenches” advice about becoming a triathlon coach, operating your triathlon coaching business successful, and getting ideal results from your athletes.

This is information you’d need to pay other certification and business education agencies hundreds of dollars a month to access, but when you click below, you get instant access for a one time payment of $57.

Triathlon Coach Insider

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