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-This Month’s Audio Calendar:

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Here at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, you can have your own profile, and you can also friend others, view their profiles, and check out their latest activity!


-Rock Star Triathlete Academy Content:

To begin your learning experience at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, please click on the situation that best describes you:

1. I am a complete beginner. I want to learn how to do the sport of triathlon.

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4. I’m either a triathlon coach or a triathlete who just wants a ton of content all at once, and I don’t care if it’s packaged according to my level.

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-Get the Most Out Your Rock Star Triathlete Gold Wings Membership:

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Here is our contact information for member support (for technical issues only – please remember to ask any training or nutrition questions in the forum or on the calls so other members can benefit).

E-mail: [email protected]

Toll-free: (866) 923-6184

If you need to cancel your membership, just e-mail (and please make sure the address is exactly as shown) [email protected]. You need to be sure to allow 3-4 days for the cancellation process to complete, so don’t join for a month, then cancel on the very last day and expect not to have your $37 tuition charged! But before you cancel, remember…we’ve given you…all your free training plans…full forum and live call-in support for every training plan…triathlon experts and athletes multiple times each month for you to ask your questions…unlimited access to two of the top triathlon coaches in the country…custom made videos, including the opportunity to REQUEST a video to be made for your specific issue…handpicked articles from the best triathlon content so you don’t have to waste time searching for good articles…deep discounts that we’ve brokered especially for you, that you won’t find anywhere else…access to an instant social network of triathletes for you to chat with about training, nutrition and races…tons of free books and bonus materials, with new bonus gifts released each month…full coached support that you’d normally pay a minimum of $200 each month to access…YOU GET THE IDEA.

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-Rock Star Gear:

Here at the Rock Star Triathlete Academy store, you can get cool threads, shirts, hats and Rock Star Triathlete Academy gear to show off your style at the races! This gear is available to members only.

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