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Rock Star Triathlete Academy Deal of the Week: Headsweats Gear

If you’re a triathlete, this has happened to you; you’re outside having an epic run on a nice summer day and all of a sudden you wince in agony from the sweat that just ran into your eye…you rip off your sunglasses, drop them to the ground, and during your “sweat blindness” you accidentally stumble on a rock or debris on the road, ending up with a scraped knee or worse. Well, this week’s Trinero deal will keep the sweat out of your eyes and let you enjoy that nice summer day: for $25 you’ll get $40 to spend at, makers of the top performance hats and visors in the game.

Back in 1998, Alan Romick was tired of sweat blindness and founded Headsweats and he set out to develop headgear that works. Once a photo was seen of his product on the Tour de France rider in the New York Times, the secret was out and triathletes and cyclists have purchased over a million pieces of headgear that have dominated podiums in sports worldwide.

Today, Headsweats has a complete collection of headwear – performance hats, visors, headbands, beanies and more that feature washable, air-light, wicking fabrics that dominate triathlon, cycling, rowing and adventure races.  They know you’ll be thrilled with their products and offer a 100% Unconditional Guarantee on all their gear.

Headsweats also features a complete line of Ironman logo headwear and Tour de France logo headwear. (BTW, if you haven’t noticed, Headsweats is sponsoring Le Tour coverage on Versus!)

Get ready to head out into the sun by picking up this Trinero deal from Headsweats. $25 gets you $40 to go spend over at  And while there’s no limit on how many people can pick up the deal, you can only pick up 2 of these each to stuff into your jersey pocket.  Click here to grab this deal!


Rock Star Triathlete Academy Deal of the Week: TMAT PRO Triathlon Mat

Triathletes know that there’s more to a race than just swimming, biking and running. In between each leg of the race are the transitions, and it’s during the swim-to-bike transition and bike-to-run transition that precious time and energy can be won and lost. A good transition can make for a great race while a bad transition can lead to a poor race. This week’s Trinero deal will help improve your transitions and set you on the road to a PR: for $21 you’ll get the TMAT PRO Triathlon & Sport Mat shipped directly to your front door just in time for your next race.

Introduced to the sport of triathlon in 2006, TMAT PRO has led to the revolution of the transition area where towels, bath mats and even carpeting was being used to identify the space where athletes change between the three sports, the swim, bike and run. By creating a mat in bright colors, competitors can quickly find their space and a have soft, absorbent surface to transition to the next sport. The mat was perfected with the feedback from dozens of athletes who participate in sports including Iron-distance triathlons and marathons and hiking and yoga activities.

The mat is made of water absorbent neoprene material with a non-skid, gridded bottom that keeps the mat in place. It’s lightweight and easily transportable in a backpack or a suitcase. It provides the ideal stretching and changing area anywhere. The mat is also machine washable and fast drying so it’s ready to go again at your next event.

This Trinero deal is for the Neon Green mat, but the TMAT PRO standard line of colors includes red, blue, purple, neon green, bright yellow and hot pink. There are also different patterns available and custom logos can be printed on the mats, making it a great way to promote your team, company or event. Click here to grab this deal!

Rock Star Triathlete Academy Deal of the Week: Suit Juice Total Package


Your wetsuit is not only an investment in your sport, it’s an investment in you.  If you can’t get in-and-out of your suit easily, if it chafes or gives you a rash, wears out prematurely or just smells, it makes training and competing a lot less fun.

Suit Juice is a multi-functional wet suit lubricant. It simplifies the entry and exit from all wet suits, dry suits and neoprene accessories. Suit Juice prevents chafing, provides rash protection, and decreases transitions for triathletes. It neutralizes and eliminates uric acids and oils naturally caused by the human body. Such acids will destroy latex and increase fading to neoprene. Using Suit Juice regularly helps condition the suit and protects it over time. Suit Juice has been recommended by athletes just like you, tested in labs top wetsuit developers.

Suit FRESH is the first product to clean, remove odors and condition your suit all in one. It is made with organic ingredients. It eliminates odors, uric acids, sweat, salts and sunscreen. EZ sprayer to make cleaning wetsuits fast, effective and easy.  Suit FRESH does not require pre-mixing or a multiple step cleaning process. 
Suit Fresh is equipped with a sprayer. Point, shoot, agitate lightly and rinse. 
Bottle is recyclable and BPA Free!

Slider is a multi-purpose, long-lasting anti-chafe cream and skin moisturizer. 
Slider is made from natural ingredients to provide support against skin friction, rashes, blisters and other irritation. Slider contains no toxins and is even safe for babies. Slider is loaded with antioxidants, rich in Vitamin A and E to help balance the oils in your skin. Whether you are a ride a horse, a weekend warrior or training for a marathon, Slider provides protection for anyone that experiences discomfort.

Your wetsuit and your skin are important and taking care of it should be just as important to maximize your performance and enjoyment while minimizing your transition.  Make this transition easier and get this deal from North Shore Industries.  Click here to grab this deal!

Rock Star Triathlete Academy Deal of the Week: MISSION Athletecare Products

MISSION’s products offer athletes better performance and are “Used and Field Tested by the World’s Top Athletes™.” In fact, Hunter Kemper and Sarah Haskins are partners in the company along with some other athletes that you may have heard of including: Steve Nash, Mia Hamm, Serena Williams, Amanda Beard and David Wright. MISSION is the first company to provide head-to-toe solutions for active men and women of all ages and sports, helping to put back what your active lifestyle takes out of you. Their products are preservative & paraben free, cruelty free, manufactured in the USA and loaded with vitamins & antioxidants. Click here to grab this deal!

Ironman Triathlete Video: What to Put In Your Swim Gear, Swim to Bike, Bike to Run and Special Needs Bags on Race Day!

brought to you by LAVA Magazine:

Wondering what to put in your Ironman bags? In this 12 minute Rock Star Triathlete Academy member video, Ben Greenfield clearly and concisely tells you exactly what you need to put in your Ironman triathlon swim gear, swim to bike bag, bike to run bag, and special needs bags. You won’t miss a thing after seeing this video!

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Rose Hall Triathlon & Multi Sports Festival in Jamaica – 10% Discount for Rock Star Triathletes!

Rose Hall Triathlon & Multi Sports Festival (raced by Ben Greenfield in the video above).  Rock Star Triathlete Academy coach Kerry Sullivan will be there racing in Jamaica this year!

The Rose Hall Triathlon is unique of all other sporting events in Jamaica. The event takes place at the 18-hole Robert von Hagge, Cinnamon Hill Golf Course. Located at the Rose Hall Resort, A Hilton Resort and Spa along the newly constructed North Coast Highway. The course is two laps of a lightning fast bike course, each with a sheer climb in the middle. The run is also two laps on the spectacular Cinnamon Hill course ending with the steepest final 200 meters of any triathlon – now known as “The Witch”.

The Rose Hall Resort is an unmatched tropical paradise which has become the ‘gold coast’ of tourism development in Jamaica. Rose Hall’s 4,000 acres are being developed by the family of the late John Rollins into one of the Caribbean’s finest resort communities.

The on-road event with the option of a sprint course is to be held on October 23- 24 in the Rose Hall corridor of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Official Event – October  24, 2010

October 22- Early Packet pickup
October 23- Rose Hall Bolt 5K Run/ Kids Triathlon/ Organized Bike Ride
October 23- Race Jamaica Expo Packet Pick up/ Reggae Pasta Party
October 24- Rose Hall Triathlon Starts 6:30am
October 24- Post Race Reggae Party at the Rose Hall Great House  – Margarita and Beer Tents open all day!

Special registration code (10% discount applied with code): rockstartrija ( all lower case)

Register at:

HILTON- Host hotel Booking accommodations – Special rates:

Please see below the URL and Toll Free number to be used for the “Rose Hall Triathlon”.

Rock Star Triathlete Academy coach Kerry Sullivan will be there this year, and as usual, we’ll answer all your race training and nutrition questions leading up to the big day!

Michael Lovato LIVE Q&A – Now Available for Download!

Michael Lovato – After seven seasons of amateur racing, culminating with a 1999 trip to the World Championships in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (where he met his beautiful and talented wife, Amanda), Michael joined the pro ranks. Having changed his focus from short course to Ironman racing, Michael’s first Ironman win came in 2003 at the inaugural Ironman Coeur d’Alene. A follow-up victory came in 2006 on the shores of Tempe Town Lake, as Michael was crowned champion of Ironman Arizona. Notching several top-three Ironman finishes, and three ninth-place finishes at the Hawaii Ironman World Championship (2003, 2007, 2008), Michael has established himself as one of America’s top Ironman athletes.

Keep reading to access or download the call!

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How-To Video: Using the Rock Star Triathlete Member Bonus Features

In this 7 minute video, Ben Greenfield shows you how to access your free triathlon training plans, books and bonuses, trusted triathlon tool discounts, member upgrades, and other important member-only features of the Rock Star Triathlete Academy!

How-To Video: Using the Rock Star Triathlete Racing Insider Tips Features

In this 5 minute video, Ben Greenfield shows you how to:

-access insider tip audio features for races across the globe

-suggest your race to be featured

How-To Video: Using the Rock Star Triathlete Social Networking Features

In this 8 minute video, Ben Greenfield teaches you how to get the most out of the unique social networking features of the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, including:

-how to add friends and view other member’s profiles

-how to comment on posts and read other’s comments

-how to access and use the forum

-how to get automatic updates when topics are added to the forum

-how to engage in discussion with other triathletes on the site