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Rock Star Triathlete Academy Member Nancy Wins A Free Month of Membership!

Here’s Rock Star Triathlete Academy member Nancy and here’s what she had to say:


I just completed my first race of the season after struggling with some offseason injuries and an early season accident where I was struck by a car on my bike.  Needless to say, I was really excited for the race today (perhaps a little too much so given my hiatus) and went in gunning for an AG podium slot.  Unfortunately, I missed it (came in 5th) but I was able to set a new PR on the course and saw some really nice improvement on the bike & run.  The RockStar training plans along with your guidance and insights are clearly paying off!   Thanks guys!  You totally rock!

All the best,

A few months ago, we told you that we’re now giving a free month of membership to any Rock Star Triathlete Academy members who send us a picture or video in the Rock Star Cycling or Triathlon Kit or Rock Star Jet Black Tech T-Shirt.

Here’s the deal:

-You must be at a triathlon or triathlon event.

-We’ll triple your free month of membership if you’re on the race podium and we verify the results.

Congratulations to Ann  (pictured above), who just sent this photo and and got a free month of membership to the Academy (and by the way, if we get more photos from Ann or anyone else at more events, we’ll continually to add more free months).

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Rock on, and here’s more clothing info below…

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