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An 8 Day Challenge To Build Momentum In Your Training (Video 8 of 8)

Momentum is a powerful force. Sometimes it works in our favor and sometimes it works against us!

But rather than leaving it to chance, you can take specific steps to start building it immediately for more productive training and more effective days. In this video, Chris offers up an 8 Day Challenge to build that momentum and really get moving to make this a brilliant triathlon season for you.

Don’t just watch this video…take the challenge! :)

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Do You Have What It Takes To Achieve Your Best? (Video 7 of 8)

Even if you’re not an elite athlete, and even if you’re new to the sport, you can make it a great season if you have the right support team.

Finding the right resources is critical. You’ll learn a lot with the Rock Star community and coaches but you might be overlooking additional – and easy – elements to keep you on track with your training and racing goals.

In this video, Chris introduces a simple and intelligent way to identify what you have and what you need to have a remarkable season of triathlon. Watch here… Continue reading

How To Stay On Track With Your Big Goals (Video 6 of 8)

Over a long season of training, it can be hard at times to maintain your high levels of motivation or feel like you’re making good progress.

In this video, Chris guides you to setting mini goals on the path to your big ones. Getting rewarded along the way and stacking successes can give you an extra boost each and every month. Watch here… Continue reading

The Inner Roadblocks to Your Potential (Video 5 of 8)

To succeed at your highest level, you certainly need ambition and motivation.

But those alone are not enough.

Chris explains one thing that holds all of us back at times from achieving our best and guides you to identify your personal roadblocks, and chart a new route to staying on track, on target and inspired throughout your triathlon season.

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The Key to Achieving Big Goals (Video 4 of 8)

There is one ingredient to your 2012 triathlon plans that makes a tremendous difference in your chances of achieving your biggest goals and triathlon dreams.

In this video, Chris Janzen of TriathleteMind.com explains how this element strengthens the two big factors for making your ‘impossible’ possible.

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Set Inspiring Goals for Your 2012 Season (Video 3 of 8)

How can you tell if you have the “right” goals for this season?

In this video, Chris guides you to the four features of great goals and gets you focused on your top priorities for 2012.

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Planning Your Best Season Ever (Video 2 of 8)

Before you dive in and sign up for the same races as last season, it’s very helpful to step back and look at the big picture.

What would you love to experience in triathlon? How big do you think? What do you believe is possible for you?

In this video of Step 2 for planning your season, Chris Janzen gets you to think outside your current box before deciding on what you want to experience this season.

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Can You Make 2012 Your Best Triathlon Season Ever? (Video 1 of 8)

Does does big ambition and strong motivation usually translate to success?

It certainly doesn’t all the time, and for some triathletes, it can be a confusing and frustrating experience to see your hard work not produce the complete results you want.

Great seasons don’t just happen. They are planned smartly and executed flawlessly. How can you increase your chances of making 2012 a remarkable year?

Follow this video series over the next 8 weeks as I break down how you can set up your season with more thought than you may have in the past. Here’s the first video to get you going: Continue reading

Sometimes the Little Things Make All the Difference

The scary outdoors of winter can kill motivation

It’s funny isn’t it?

In spite of all the admiration you receive for your dedication, discipline and commitment to training and racing in the summer, and despite your pride for living an active lifestyle, it can still be challenging to maintain day-to-day motivation in the winter.

It can also be confusing when you don’t feel like your normal self – on the inside you feel like you lack drive or you can’t find your mojo to get up and go.

So here are 12 excuse busters to nudge you, push you or inspire you to stay moving and stay motivated over the next few months.

Excuse: “It’s too hard to get out of bed on cold, dark mornings.
It’s true that temperature and light have direct impact on our body rhythms in the winter extremes. But there are simple things you an do so you don’t succumb to the situation. Continue reading

An uncommon – but highly effective – way to review your triathlon season

If you’re like most triathletes, you have a ‘thing’ for data and stats and reviewing the numbers of your training and racing results. Those certainly can tell you a lot.

But real success is experienced by what you think and how you feel. Success isn’t a number, it’s an emotion.

Now, stay with me here and don’t worry, I’m not going to get all soft on you.

But I am going to give you a different way to effectively evaluate your season that might give you more insights, hindsight and key distinctions that you can take forward into next year. These answers give you the foundation from which to build on.

Regardless of how high your highs were, or painfully low your lows were, there is always something you can gain from your experience that will make you more informed, more intelligent and more likely to take your triathlon performance to a whole new level the next time.

In fact, this isn’t about evaluating your season.

It’s about evaluating you during your triathlon season.

I highly encourage you to be proactive in this process and WRITE YOUR ANSWERS down. Don’t just read the questions and think “…that’s an interesting question…”.

Answer each question. In writing. You’ll be glad you did.

So grab your pen and paper and here we go…

1.    With hindsight, were your season goals clear and attainable?

2.    What were you most proud of this season?

3.    What would you like to duplicate next year?

4.    What frustrated or disappointed you the most this season?

5.    What do you not want to happen again next year?

6.    What did you learn by going through these experiences?

7.    What decisions did you make that were empowering for you?

8.    What habits seemed to hold you back from achieving your potential?

9.    What decisions must you make in order to have your best triathlon year ahead?

Remember, for maximum impact, take your time and answer all of these in writing. Jot down all the points that come to mind. Write as much as you’d like — often the greatest insights come just after you think you’ve done enough.

Give credit where credit is due. You may not like some of the answers you come up with but it may well set you free and keep your motivation high to stay fit in the off season and be ready to be at your best when the new triathlon season returns.

You’ll be glad you did – your body, mind and results will prove it.

Chris Janzen
Founder of TriathleteMind.com & Inner Game coach