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How To Stay On Track With Your Big Goals (Video 6 of 8)

Over a long season of training, it can be hard at times to maintain your high levels of motivation or feel like you’re making good progress.

In this video, Chris guides you to setting mini goals on the path to your big ones. Getting rewarded along the way and stacking successes can give you an extra boost each and every month. Watch here… Continue reading

The #1 Rule for Dealing with Adversity in Your Triathlon Race

It’s a pitfall that many triathletes fall into.

Weeks and months of training hard, testing a nutrition strategy, planning the details of what goes in the transition bag and deciding what’s left behind. All in the name of having a great — perhaps a perfect — race.

But as I often tell athletes I coach at TriathleteMind.com, perfection is not an idealistic, let alone an optimal way to prepare for your race.

The potential for adversity is always lurking around you, ready to strike at any moment. The unpredictability can catch the best off guard. Sudden cramp. Flat tire. Torrential wind gusts. Another flat tire!

Regardless of what mother nature, the race director, bad karma or bad curry the night before does to you, your success (or perhaps survival) always depends on what happens next. Or more specifically, Continue reading