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Expert Call w/ Kristen Godfrey, MA, LPC Now on Replay

Monday, January 20th at 6:00pm Pacific/ 9:00pm Eastern Time Kristen Godfrey will be discussing mental performance for triathletes.

Kristen Godfrey, MA is a Licensed Professional Counselor helping athletes thrive through the fluctuations of life and sport. Her private practice is grounded in the advancements in Interpersonal Neurobiology and Somatic Experiencing. Whether in her office, or meeting online, Kristen creates a deeply supportive relationship. She’ll challenge you gently, open up your insight, and give you the tools to overcome your roadblocks. You’ll learn to manage your thoughts and emotions, and regulate your body. You’ll build your capacity to stay in the thriving zone and perform your best. Connect with Kristen at [email protected], find more at her web site alittlehelpwithlife.com

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Rock Star Triathlete Academy Deal of the Week: TMAT PRO Triathlon Mat

Triathletes know that there’s more to a race than just swimming, biking and running. In between each leg of the race are the transitions, and it’s during the swim-to-bike transition and bike-to-run transition that precious time and energy can be won and lost. A good transition can make for a great race while a bad transition can lead to a poor race. This week’s Trinero deal will help improve your transitions and set you on the road to a PR: for $21 you’ll get the TMAT PRO Triathlon & Sport Mat shipped directly to your front door just in time for your next race.

Introduced to the sport of triathlon in 2006, TMAT PRO has led to the revolution of the transition area where towels, bath mats and even carpeting was being used to identify the space where athletes change between the three sports, the swim, bike and run. By creating a mat in bright colors, competitors can quickly find their space and a have soft, absorbent surface to transition to the next sport. The mat was perfected with the feedback from dozens of athletes who participate in sports including Iron-distance triathlons and marathons and hiking and yoga activities.

The mat is made of water absorbent neoprene material with a non-skid, gridded bottom that keeps the mat in place. It’s lightweight and easily transportable in a backpack or a suitcase. It provides the ideal stretching and changing area anywhere. The mat is also machine washable and fast drying so it’s ready to go again at your next event.

This Trinero deal is for the Neon Green mat, but the TMAT PRO standard line of colors includes red, blue, purple, neon green, bright yellow and hot pink. There are also different patterns available and custom logos can be printed on the mats, making it a great way to promote your team, company or event. Click here to grab this deal!

What Should You Eat On A Triathlon Off-Day or Rest Day For Lunch or Dinner?

In this video, Ben Greenfield shows you exactly what to eat and how to choose your triathlon off-day or rest day lunch and dinner, without gaining weight or bumping up your blood sugar levels. Incidentally, this is also a good strategy to use for a pre-race low carbohydrate, pre carbohydate-loading day.
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Yet Another Essential Drill for Getting to Be a Better Open Water Swimmer

In this video, you’re going to learn yet ANOTHER drill you can do in the open water to improve your open water swimming technique!

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Should Your Goggles Go On Top of Your Swim Cap, or Vice Versa?

In this video, Kerry Sullivan answers the age-old debate of exactly how to wear your goggles and swim cap for maximum speed and efficiency during your triathlon training and racing.

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Key Workouts to Sharpen Your Triathlon Off-Season Running Races

For many triathletes, fall is a transition period. Shifting from a routine of daily double workouts and weekend races to a less rigid schedule with fewer specific goals can be both a healthy freedom and a frustrating feeling at the same time. For me, this fall break is a chance to concentrate on my primary love, running. Whether running is a strength or weakness, fall is an excellent time to pick a 10k or half marathon to train for before the less runner-friendly roads of winter appear. Why not mix up your training this fall and try a routine you haven’t used in the past. Just as students regularly have to learn new test taking strategies, athletes ought to experiment with different patterns of training. If you always follow the same routine, how will you know if you can improve or if the plans you follow are indeed ideal? Regardless of the training plan you choose, the key workouts of speed, endurance, and strength should remain staples throughout the plan.

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How To Run Hills For More Rock Star Speed.

You know the part of the race when you feel you’ve hit the wall. Maybe you are on a hill or the flattest section of the course. Your mind is telling your legs and arms to, Drive! Pump! Fire like pistons!, but your muscles are crying out for mercy. We are demanding them to perform at a rate at which they are not conditioned. Our body can not supply the blood and oxygen that our hip flexors, in particular, are requiring to meet the demands of the coach inside our heads. Well, at least you’ve done your mental homework. But have you neglected working regular hill drills into your routine? Perhaps you do them but don’t know why. Do you vary the type of workouts? How do you approach the hill? Continue reading

Triathletes and Flip Turns, Are they Important?

The argument against doing flip turns is a strong one: You don?t do flip turns in a race! While that is a valid point and I can see the logic behind it, I can take the same logic and say, ?While swimming in open water, you don?t get to hold on to the wall every 25 yards.? So, which is correct? Continue reading

How to Practice A Triathlon Mass Swim Start in Your Pool

The following video shows you a great way to practice for a triathlon mass swim start – without going to a body of open water or actually doing a triathlon! By practicing close up swimming in the safe environment of the pool, you will become more comfortable in mass starts in open water on race day.

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Cycling… It Doesn’t Have To Be a Pain In The Neck (and Shoulders and Arms)

Whether you’re a novice or someone who has been riding a long time, chances are you’ve gone on a long ride only to finish up with pain in your shoulders and a very tight neck. What exactly is going on? Do cyclists have to just grin and bare it? The answer is, ‘No, you don’t have to put up with it’. Cyclists tend to have neck and upper back problems for several reasons which we’ll cover in this article. In addition, we’ll look at preventative measures when it comes to cycling and neck, shoulder, and arm pain.

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