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An Injury Video + BONUS – This Thursday: Ben Greenfield Teaching USAT Webinar “Advanced Techniques for Faster Injury Recovery”.

When it comes to triathlon, the last thing you want to do is waste valuable training time sitting around and waiting for an injury to heal. In this video, Ben Greenfield gives a few quick techniques to make your injuries heal faster.

Click here for more information on Ben Greenfield’s upcoming USA Triathlon Webinar entitled “Advanced Techniques for Faster Injury Recovery”, which will teach the injured triathlete or triathlon coach how to go beyond the simple “ice it” principle of injury recovery, and incorporate technologies such as automated compression, nutrition supplementation, meal modification, physical therapy modalities, cold laser and other tactics used by professional sports teams, but underutilized by the general coaching and triathlete population.

The webinar is Thursday, November 4!