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Todd Wins A Free Month of Membership…Again!

A few months ago, in this post you can read by clicking here, we told you that we’re now giving a free month of membership to any Rock Star Triathlete Academy members who send us a picture or video in the Rock Star Cycling Kit or Rock Star Jet Black Tech T-Shirt.

Here’s the deal:

-You must be at a triathlon or triathlon event.

-We’ll triple your free month of membership if you’re on the race podium and we verify the results.

Congratulations to Todd (pictured above), who just sent this photo and and got a free month of membership to the Academy (and by the way, if we get more photos from Todd or anyone else at more events, we’ll continually to add more free months).

Here’s what Todd had to say:

I had a blast at a triathlon event that took place here in Calgary, Alberta this weekend. The TriCommitment Spinathon ( ) was held to support two local pro triathletes in their upcoming race seasons in the ITU and pro Ironman ranks. There were over 100 triathletes and cyclists on trainers for 5 hours, as various local coaches ran us through the spin sessions. I wore my Rockstar cycling kit, and got many comments and questions about what the Academy was. I managed to capture a photo of me in the middle of it all, complete with my “Movember” moustache…

Unfortunately, it was a sad day as well, as one of the pro triathlete we were supporting was Janelle Morrison (one of Canada top pro female Ironman athletes). Janelle was on her way from Penticton, BC (home of Ironman Canada) to Calgary when a minivan lost control and crossed the center line, hitting her head on. She was very badly injured, with multiple fractures and internal damage. The doctors and paramedics remarked that had she not been in such fine physical shape, she would not have survived the trip to the hospital.

The good news is that Janelle is now awake and recovering well from the multiple surgeries she underwent to repair her body. The best part of the day was when a webcam was set up in her room, and someone with a wireless laptop walked around the Spinathon so that Janelle could see everyone riding and say hello.

It was a remarkable day to show how the triathlete academy looks out for one another.


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