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What Else Do You Want To See Added To The Rock Star Triathlete Academy?

We’re currently developing modules so that you can start as a complete couch potato and get into a triathlon with zero guesswork. We’re also adding more advanced modules that will allow an age-grouper or amateur to go pro. I’m going to list the planned 2011 modules below, then I’d like to see what you want added to our growing database of over 400 triathlon training and nutrition articles, audios and videos.

Video/audio/article modules we’re adding include over the next couple months, to supplement our weekly calls, forum and free training plans, are:

-How To Start Training For Triathlon
-Essential Triathlon Swimming Gear
-How To Swim Properly
-How To Choose A Triathlon Bike
-How To Ride A Triathlon Bike
-How To Get Triathlon Shoes
-How To Run Properly
-How To Sign Up For Your First Race
-How To Structure Your Triathlon Training Week
-How To Lift Weights For Triathlon
-What To Do In the Last Week Before Your Triathlon
-Beginner Open Water Swim Tips
-How To Set Up Your “Transition” Area
-How To Race Your Triathlon
-Training and Racing Recovery Tips

These would be provided, along with all the other current beginner articles, audios and videos at


-How to “Periodize” Your Triathlon Training Plan
-How To Properly Peak Fitness For A Series of Races
-How To Self-Treat Common Triathlon Injuries
-Beyond The Goggles: Swim Gear That Helps You Get Faster
-How To Use The Swim Clock
-Bicycle Equipment: How To Choose A Power Meter
-Bicycle Equipment: How To Choose An Indoor Trainer
-Bicycle Equipment: Which Wheels & Equipment Modifications Make You Faster
-Run Equipment: All About Triathlon Orthotics
-Intermediate Open Water Swim Tips
-How To Transition Faster
-How To Draft & Sight Properly
-Cycling: How To Approach Hills
-Running: How To Approach Hills
-How To Travel To A Triathlon
-How To Carbohydrate Taper

These would be provided, along with all our current intermediate articles, audios and videos at


-How To Stack Nutrition Supplements Pre-Race

-How To Optimally Use Power
-How To Optimally Use Pace
-Advanced Fast Triathlon Transition Tips
-Where To Line Up Before The Swim
-How To Respond to Pace Changes In The Race
-How To Go To the “Pain Cave” During A Race
-How To Legally Draft
-How To Get Your Pro Card

These would be provided, along with all our current advanced articles, audios and videos at

So…what else would you like to see added? Leave your comments below, or over in the member forum.